NLE Media Productions


Founded in 2005 by Greg Gordon bringing his unique talents to market with skills and resources covering a wide spectrum of experience:

  • 21+ years as a woodworker/artisan
  • 37+ years experience in design and manufacturing.
  • 12+ years of independent videography.
  • 12+ years theater production including scripting, choreography, set design, lighting, and directing.
  • Co-founder of The Unit Theater Company (1970).
  • 20+ years of computer aided design with certificates in multiple ng software). software solutions (2D & 3D computer aided drafting and modeli
  • 20+ years experience in graphic design.
  • Experienced in multiple programming conventions and languages.
  • Animation background.
  • Director & co-Producer of The African American Hunting Association's "Outdoor Show".

Going back to what I love...

The most satisfaction I have had in my career has been woodworking. There is nothing like hands on design, labor and tools.  My interests these days is in work from the Craftsman movement. Oh yes, and small boxes of the "keepsake" nature.  Specializing in hand finishes, rubbed out, paste waxed & polished.

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