Our business number is (503) 444-9328  Leave a message with your name and contact number.  We will not accept sales calls. 

You can email me at: info@nlemedia.com


Our Market:

  When we take on a client we want to be able to meet, greet and show them the finished product before a final payment is made.

Depending on the complexity and material costs involved we keep down-payments between 10% and 25% of the total price.  Balance is due upon approval and release of the product to the client.

All billing is through our PayPal business account and allows our clients to pay by check, cash, credit card or their own PayPal account.


We cater to a referral cliental and as such we offer discounts to clients who refer someone to us who subsequently purchases a product from us.  Our standard referral  discount is 20% on the next order our referral client purchases.  Subsequent orders are standard price unless a new referral is made subject to the new referral making a purchase.



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